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Are you searching for a software that can convert Mod to VOB? This easy-to-use Mod to VOB Converter is a wonderful solution. Not only can it can convert Mod to VOB with high quality, but also can edit the input Mod files to perfect.

(A VOB file is a container format contained in DVD-Video media. A player of generic MPEG-2 files can play a VOB file, sometimes one has to change the filename extension from .vob to .mpg or .mpeg so the player recognizes it as MPEG-2.)

mod file converter

For Windows For Mac

The following is the simple steps to guide you how to convert Mod to VOB:

Step 1: Download and launch the Mod to VOB Converter, and then add the Mod file you want to convert. (Batch files conversion are supplied)

mod to vob

Step 2: Edit the Mod files by clicking mod to vob converter , and you can join Mod video into one file by checking mod files joiner, when you want to burn VOB files to a DVD/SDVD, this fuction is must-have.

Step 3: According to where you are, select the profile mod to vob converter download, and select the "Destination" to store the .vob file.

Step 4: Click the convert mod files to vob button. After the conversion, you can enjoy the VOB files consecutively.

(To burn a VOB file to a DVD±R disc, one needs other standard DVD-Video files as well, including IFO and BUP files)

MOD Converter is distributed by Emicsoft MOD Converter Studio!!